We produce different fractions of oil like wood preservation Oil, antracene oil and light creosote oil. Packing : Drum 200kg Features Wood preservation oil : Used for impregnating railway wooden sleepers, electricity and telephone poles. Wood oils are known for their micro-porous properties, which allows them to sink into, feed and become part of the … Continue reading Oil

Coaltar Pitch

Coaltar pitch is a thick black liquid that remains after the distillation of Coaltar. It contains many chemical compounds including carcinogens such as benzene. Studies of coke-oven pitch indicate that coal-tar pitch contains: four-membered aromatic hydrocarbon ring systems (e.g. chrysene, fluoranthene, pyrene, triphenylene, naphthacene and benzanthracene); five-membered ring systems; six-membered ring systems (dibenzopyrenes, dibenzofluoranthenes and … Continue reading Coaltar Pitch

Dehydrate Coaltar

It is a viscous liquid mixture of hydrocarbon compounds and polishing on Steel and Aluminium components which are used for industrial purpose in many various industries, derived, along with coke, from the destructive distillation of coal in coking ovens. Being flammable, Coaltar is used for heating or to fire boilers for impregnating of graphite electrode … Continue reading Dehydrate Coaltar

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Neptune Hydrocarbons was founded in the year 2003 with modern and latest technology by Sanwar Mal Choudhary, a great visionary and leader in this field. It comprises of Nagarmal Ramchandar, the oldest company in Coal Tar distillation which was started in the year 1952.

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