Coaltar Pitch

Coaltar pitch is a thick black liquid that remains after the distillation of Coaltar. It contains many chemical compounds including carcinogens such as benzene. Studies of coke-oven pitch indicate that coal-tar pitch contains: four-membered aromatic hydrocarbon ring systems (e.g. chrysene, fluoranthene, pyrene, triphenylene, naphthacene and benzanthracene); five-membered ring systems; six-membered ring systems (dibenzopyrenes, dibenzofluoranthenes and benzoperylenes); and seven-ring systems (coronene). Other aromatic chemicals in coal-tar pitch include methylated and polymethylated derivatives, mono- and polyhydroxylated derivatives, and heterocyclic compounds.

Packing : Solid bags -50/1000kg         


It is used as base for coatings and paint, in roofing and paving, and as a binder in asphalt products.

Grades of coaltar pitch
  • Aluminium/Anode grade pitch :
    Aluminium grade of pitch is used for manufacturing of Anodes (both pre-baked & soderberg) in Aluminium industries. It is used as a binding agent for the manufacture of high quality electrodes for electric arc furnace.
  • Graphite grade
    Binder pitch : Graphite grade pitch used as binder material for manufacturing of graphite electrodes Impregnating pitch: It is used in Graphite electrode, nipple impregnation and UHP grade electrode manufacture. Graphite grades now benefit from much finer grain size. The relatively large number of graphite grades available in today’s market can cause confusion for the potential consumer in deciding which type of graphite and which graphite grade is appropriate for a specific use.
  • Other grades of pitch :
    These are used in Iron & Steel industries, refractories, carbon paste, paints, water proofing coating materials etc. The impregnating-grade coal tar pitch is a special type of coal tar pitch, which has a low content (0-3 %) of Quinoline Insolubles (QI), besides having lower values of softening point (SP), Toluene Insolubles (TI), coking yield and Specific Gravity (SG), compared to those of the binder-grade coal tar pitch.
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