We produce different fractions of oil like wood preservation Oil, antracene oil and light creosote oil.

Packing : Drum 200kg

  • Wood preservation oil :
    Used for impregnating railway wooden sleepers, electricity and telephone poles. Wood oils are known for their micro-porous properties, which allows them to sink into, feed and become part of the wood grain. Patch repairs are also far simpler than those of a varnish, with a light sand and re-application making for a seamless, effective repair. Whether you’re finishing an interior floor, kitchen worktop, fence or animal hutch, all wood types and projects are catered for both inside and out.
  • Anthracene oil :
    Anthracene oil is a heavy green oil (partially solidifying on cooling), which distills over from coal tar at a temperature above 270°. It is used as feedstock to manufacture carbon black and coal tar enamel. Anthracene Oil is primarily used to make paints. These oils are carefully obtained through coal tar distillation process.
  • Light creosote oil :
    Creosote oil is a common name for a group of oil like products that are obtained from tar. One of them is coal tar creosote and the other is wood tar creosote. However, there is a plant which smells much like creosote and it is the creosote bush, better known as Chaparral ( Larrea tridentata ). It is one of the main raw material for manufacturing Phenyles, used by ink manufacturers and in paints and asphalt liquefying.
Our Other Products:
  • Crude Napthalene

This is a byproduct of coaltar and is produced by increasing the temperature upto 240 °c.it is used  for the production of Napthalene balls, pesticides, disinfectants etc. Packing : Bags 25-30kg

  • Coal tar black paint
  • Bituminous product
  • Black medium 
  • Bison highly black med
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Neptune Hydrocarbons was founded in the year 2003 with modern and latest technology by Sanwar Mal Choudhary, a great visionary and leader in this field. It comprises of Nagarmal Ramchandar, the oldest company in Coal Tar distillation which was started in the year 1952.

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